Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Now i'm truly japanese ^^

During the last weekend i bothered so much my father that he built me a marudai ^^
I'm very excited! I've already braided two cords from the book "Beginner's guide to braiding: the craft of Kumihimo" by Jacqui Carey...let's see!

This is the marudai: it's tall enough to be sit on a chair while braiding. The tamas are bolts with nuts for 70 g each.The counterweight is half of the total weight of the tamas. Working with the marudai is very fast and relaxing: i will never return braiding on the disk ^^

These are the 2 braids: at the left we have the Honeycomb, at the right the Hollow:

The honeycomb is made of 32 threads of cotton brown, white and ecrù; the hollow braid is made by 80 threads of both cotton and silk on the theme purple-red.

Do you need a special necklace for a very important pendant? A bracelet never seen? A key ring, a phonestrap, special curtain tie-backs? And what about shoe laces very original? I can do all of this! Contact me, i'm always glad to answer your questions ^^

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