Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Keeping on with kumihimo

The oriental fever is growing in me...I love the oriental dresses, both chinese and japanese for their comfort. I have practiced karate winning a lot of competitions, and now i'm doing tai chi chuan. The sensation given by the martial suite is beautiful.
Now i'm very curiuos about the samurai armour and the geishas kimono. I discovered that samurai build their armour using the kumihimo braids, ensure the katana with the sageo (another braid made using kumihimo), and the geishas use a lot of braids to dress up their kimono.

I'm very fascinated!
I also discovered that there is still request for these type of braids, so there are mine!
I don't have any kimono (only the martial suite ^^ ) but i enjoy very much the kumihimo work ^^

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Marian said...

Amazing things tou make with knots! I arrived here...I dont know how... following links really! Im gonna stay a while and browse a bit!
I also have a little DaWanda shop...sort of recently started:
glad to have found you.Im adding you to my bloglines.
Are you italian by any chance?? cos your blog is! :)