Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Star Wools!

Chapter two of my amigurumi experience: the Star Wars characters!

I bought the pattern of Princess Leila on Etsy...Click to go straight to the auction for the pattern!
I've made some little changes, but the pattern is very good! I'm only a beginner, but i haven't found difficulties.

A little tip? For the skin you can take the white yarn and dye it with the tea ^^

After making Leila, i had a great need to continue crocheting, and...TADAAA!
I made Yoda writing myself a personal pattern ^^ Do you like him? I think he's very ok, truly similar at the original one ^^
He stands up without an internal weight, he has the coat with the hood, the belt, his inseparable walking stick and the two ears are different each other like in the films ^^
Soon i will write the pattern and i will make it available!
EDIT: Click to know how to get the pattern!


I've made also Han Solo...finally Leila has her beloved ^^
He has the belt, black trousers and white shirt, the black gilet and the gun...i like him very much ^^

3 commenti:

Sippy said...

Yoda is SO cool! As soon as your pattern comes out, I will make it. My husband will be over the moon with a little Yoda on his desk!

Anonymous said...

her name is Leia >_>

Erika said...

I know that her english name is Leia, but her italian one is Leila and i grew up using it, so i prefer the italian version ^^