Thursday, 3 April 2008

Amigurumi fever!

Dear bloggers
this is my new mania: amigurumi.
Initially i thought that i wouldn't have much patience to crochet, but i found a lot of free patterns, i had a red wool ball and my beautiful light blue hook...i have to learn a lot, but for now, i'm happy for the result ^^

And now, meet Efesto, the red dragon!

The pattern is very simple (i'm not expert with the hook ^^ ) but there are a lot of pieces to make, and i have added at the original pattern two wings: it takes me two days before finishing XD
I want to highline that the pattern is NOT mine, i've found it on Crochetville (search for "Snowflake baby dragon" ^^) and i've modified some little things.

Otherwise, now i know that it's really amazing make an amigurumi: i enjoied it from the first chain to the last sewing. I think i will crochet other dolls, so, stay tuned ^^

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Falskblondin said...

Hi! Fun to see some one else who also make macrame. Nice work.
Maria Nyberg