Friday, 28 March 2008

New colors in my world!

Hi folks!

Much time passed since i wrote an article...excuse me, i'm very busy for the university exams, but i'm still producing my knots!

A great news is that now i have much more cotton colors and i'm very excited about the possibility i have! ^^

These are 6 marvellous colors of melange cotton: i've used one of these to do a star, and the final result is very beautiful ^^
I plan to use these colors to make star earrings...stay tuned on my blog or shop, because i'll list my first star earring, made with "macramed" stars and Swarovsky cristals: very loveable!

A little taste:

The melange star

Various sizes of stars ^^

I will begin to knot more colors (and then more earrings) only if i'll receive positive feedbacks from YOU! The colors are the ones in the first photo, so if you want to custom your earring, just contact me ^^

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